120 slip Marina and Business District

The Marina Village at Wingate is expected to be the new community’s bustling hub. Situated at the northeast corner of the Fort, where the Branch Canal and Delaware River meet, this new mixed-use neighborhood will be designed and constructed to reflect Fort DuPont’s historical context. Condominiums will have river views of Battery Park, Branch Canal, downtown Delaware City and Pea Patch Island, home of Fort Delaware.

The Marina Village bridge will connect Fort DuPont to Delaware City’s historic Clinton Street business district. There, the newly renovated Central Hotel is now the headquarters of the American Birding Society.

A 120-slip full-service marina will provide service, storage, and maintenance operations. A mix of one and three-story buildings will combine first-floor retail shops, pubs, restaurants, and offices with apartment living above.

On the point, a planned conference center with hotel and restaurant will be able to accommodate business and social gatherings


Planned around multiple districts. All are within a few minutes’ walk of each other and downtown Delaware City.