As you may be aware, as part of Fort DuPont’s master plan, improvements to the entrance are required by the State Department of Transportation and necessary to ensure the community and all commuters do not experience excessive traffic delays. The Fort DuPont Redevelopment and Preservation Corporation has a DelDOT approved plan for a roundabout and had anticipated work starting in the coming weeks on Route 9 at the entrance.

However, some safety concerns regarding the planned improvements, as well as ingress and egress by emergency vehicles, and evacuation plans during construction have recently been expressed by residents and first responders. In response to these concerns, Senator Poore and Representative Longhurst convened a meeting yesterday with the Secretary of DelDOT, Delaware City and its engineer, FDRPC and its engineer, and the Delaware City fire department. The Senator and Representative have requested that the above stakeholders reexamine all possible solutions to meet traffic flow needs in and out of Fort DuPont as it intersects Route 9.

It is anticipated that this analysis will take 3-4 months. Once options and associated plans are vetted, the information will be shared with the public for input, which all parties agree is paramount.

We are taking these concerns seriously and will be delaying the road construction until we have addressed the issues raised.

We are pleased to partner with the legislators in ensuring that the best option for the whole of the community is vetted publicly and all concerns addressed. As things progress, we will keep you informed.