Fort DuPont Community

Ft. DuPont is planned around eight districts within the fort property. Four are residential and mixed-use neighborhoods with an adjacent cultural arts district,  two are devoted to institutional and professional office uses, one is reserved for future mixed use.  All are within a few minutes' walk of each other and downtown Delaware City. The fort itself is crisscrossed with walking trails and connected to nearby recreation.

The residential districts are designed to include, and complement, the existing historic brick and frame buildings from the fort's past. Living at Fort DuPont can range from apartments or condominiums in the Marina District to rehabilitated historic homes or newly built housing, with single-family and duplex homes.

The Branch Canal and Marina districts focus on the old canal and the Delaware River to the north and east; Officers Row provides the link between the two.

During the Army days, the parade ground was central to life on the post. The wide open space is a second focus for the Fort DuPont community. The Arts, Battlement Square and Barracks districts front what will be an expansive town green.

In combination the eight districts form a complete new planned community on the Delaware River.

Ft. DuPont MARINA VILLAGE AT WINGATE - 150 slip Marina and Business District
Ft. DuPont OFFICERS ROW District - New and Historic Single Family Homes
Ft. DuPont THEATER District - Historic Theater and Event Space
Ft. DuPont CANAL District - New Townhouses and Detached Homes
Ft. DuPont BARRACKS District - Health, Higher Education and Administration
Ft. DuPont QUARTER MASTER PLACE - New and Historic Duplexes and Recreation
Ft. DuPont BATTERY ROW DISTRICT - Residential Neighborhood and Mixed Use
Ft. DuPont REEVES FARM - Mixed Use